Last Updated on May 13, 2024 : :

Here are the Championship Show judges for 2024 and beyond that we know of so far.

Whilst we have made every effort to ensure they are accurate, things change so please check the show details, especially dates, with the relevant Schedule before entering or attending.


21/01/2024 Manchester Suzanne Whittingham
08/03/2024 Crufts Sharon Pinkerton
25/04/2024 WELKS Becky Johnson
09/05/2024 Bham National Dr Paloheimo Segersven
19/05/2024 SKC May Show Jenny Millard
19/05/2024 SKC October Show Chris Atkinson
27/05/2024 Bath Mark Sandy (Milisimo)
30/05/2024 Southern Cos Francesco Cochetti
09/06/2024 Three Counties Chris Bexon
16/06/2024 Border Union Ann Hardy
22/06/2024 Blackpool Colin Woodward
22/06/2024 NISA (OPEN show) Phil Lawton
28/07/2024 Windsor Carolyn Fry
06/07/2024 Boston Christine Morgan
14/07/2024 ISCGB Ruth Roberts
27/07/2024 Leeds Irene Glen
03/08/2024 Paignton Kathy Moores
04/08/2024 NGA Linda Cooper
10/08/2024 Bournemouth Christine Schofield
17/08/2024 WKC Janet Neil
23/08/2024 Driffield Lesley Coldwell
01/09/2024 City Of Birmingham Rob Geary
07/09/2024 Richmond Karen Bovio
14/09/2024 Darlington Duncan Blacklock
/10/2024 SKC Chris Atkinson
13/10/2024 SWKA Janet Richards
16/10/2024 GSOW Nigel Worth
26/10/2024 Midland Cos Graham Underwood
09/11/2024 GBAS Shelagh Tolladay
14/12/2024 LKA TBA
08/03/2025 Crufts Doreen Smillie-Gray
09/03/2026 Crufts Chris Guest
/03/2027 Crufts Irene Glen