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Championship and Open Show Results for 2024 …… Please email any show results to for inclusion on the website.

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2024 Shows



Plymouth & DKA 06/04/2024 Lee Sharp (Affilato)
Cornwall Gundog 01/04/2024 Claire Prangle (Heathclare)
Gundog Breeds Association 30/03/2024 Hilary Male (Malenbrook)
East Anglian Gundog 29/03/2024 Brenda Hutchison (Waverton)
Edwinstowe & DCS 29/03/2024 Ian Dawson (Beskerby)
Bridgwater & DCS 24/03/2024 Helen Taylor-Morris (Pelenrise)
Exeter & CCS 17/03/2024 Jane Lilley
Chichester & DCS (AVNSC) 17/03/2024 Helen Upton
North Staffs CS 17/03/2024 Dave Hemmings (Orlanset)
Retford CS 17/03/2024 Gavin Robertson (Soletrader)
North & South Shields CS 16/03/2024 Karl O’Connor (Karlejay)
Crufts 08/03/2024 Sharon Pinkerton (Bareve)
Ashton In Makerfield 03/03/2024 Rachel Spencer (Tobermoray)
East of Scotland Canine Club (AVNSC) 03/03/2024 Pauline Smith (Tzaziki)
Coventry & DGS 03/03/2024 Gavin Robertson (Soletrader)
South West Scotland Gundog Association 02/03/2024 Heather McCormick (Chataway)
Waverley Gundog Association 02/03/2024 Jane Smith (Luanshya)
Wath, West Melton & DCS 02/03/2024 Patricia Grimes (Ansona)
Tay Valley Gundog Association Limit Show 25/02/2024 Ellen Charlish (Fairpoint)
Yorkshire Gundog Club 25/02/2024 Deborah Wagh (Dewdhala)
Carluke & DCS 24/02/2024 Jane Howarth (Moorbrook/Arkview)
Torquay & DCS 24/02/2024 Tim Ball (Kaitak)
Gloucester & DCS (AVNSC) 18/02/2024 Lynda Adams
Camborne & Redruth CS 17/02/2024 Sharon Adams
Tayside, Lochee & DCC Limit Show 17/02/2024 Frances Carlton (Thislegate)
Newark & DCS 17/02/2024 Alex Douglas (Talard)
Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club 17/02/2024 Elaine Thomas (Claramand)
Ilfracombe & DCS 10/02/2024 Penny Lane-Ridyard (Kulawand)
East Kent CS 04/02/2024 Jan Clark (Affilato)
Merseyside Gundog Club 04/02/2024 Jane Howarth (Arkview/Moorbrook)
Guildford & DCS 04/02/2024 Natalie Jackson (Solwaypoint)
Isle Of Ely CS 03/02/2024 Richard Kinsey (Kitarn)
Border Counties GC 28/01/2024 Diane Stewart-Ritchie
Stoke On Trent Gundog Club 28/01/2024 Rose Summerfield
Newton Abbott & South Devon CS 27/01/2024 Freda Morris-Garget
Manchester DSS 21/01/2024 Suzanne Whittingham (Riccini)
Hamilton CC 14/01/2024 Sam Oddie (Sharnphilly)
Goyt Valley Gundog Club 14/01/2024 Helen Sutton
Wiveliscombe & DCS 14/01/2024 Simon Whincup (Partisky)
Paisley & DCS (AVNSC) 07/01/2024 Jim Byrnes (Lackyle)
Taunton & DCS 07/01/2024 Susie Wiles (Richbourne)
Worcester & Malvern CS 07/01/2024 Mark Slimak
Lichfield CS 07/01/2024 Cathy Gill (Jocagil)