Last Updated on March 6, 2023 : :

The ISCGB held a Gundog Working Test for HPRs on 2nd September 2023 at 

Dene Farm, Wisdom Lane, Nether Wallop, Hampshire SO20 8ER

by kind permission of

Juliette Gerrard & Nigel Pond

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BOWSKILL Trophy                   


1st        Elmer vom Blitzenbach at Amasffoy (imp DEU)#              LM                    Caz Trowsdale

2nd       Annagora Corbracky Chief at Helwyrcwm                        GSP                  Pauline Kirby

3rd       Facanvadasz Csilar of Csillogo                                         HV                    Ros Swallow


Novice Dog Novice Handler (unclassified)

WYNSETT Trophy                    


1st        Afterglow Daddy Cool                                                 IS                     Jane Cayford

2nd       Zoldmali Hunter Erme                                                    HWV                 Karen Pugh

3rd       Diggmere Misty’s Leilani                                             IS                     Selina Leamy

4th        Aytee Overthetop                                                          GSP                 Sarah Baxter

5th        Diggmere Winwood Ranger                                       IS                     Jane Cayford   

6th       Ulurudawn Fitzroy                                                         HV                    Chris Weedon


KYLERICHT Trophy                 


1st        Achouffe Fentons Fable                                                 SRHP               Fiona Bailey

2nd       Finnougric Furlow at Helwyrcwm                                   HV                    Pauline Kirby

3rd       Wyrcan Wenlic Draefend#                                             LM                    Gary Vallins

4th        Kavacanne Donner                                                        GSP                 Rupert Widdows

5th        Zoldmali Bolero (Imp SRB)                                            HWV                 Heather Gray

6th        Haywire We Are Golden                                                HWV                 Marie Campbell



SENTLING Trophy                   


1st        Bonario Fagiana                                      BI                                 Alan Parr

2nd       Cazooska Special Legacy#                     LM                                Caz Trowsdale

3rd       Mustwork Witch Water at Inkiana            GWP                            Dalwayne Campbell

4th       Diggmere New Star                                IS                                 Jean Baldwin

5th        Maidsc Make a Wish at Lassanayi          HWV                             Devaki Belassie-Page

6th        Nawtontower Seren                                 HV                                Keith Dimon


Veteran (Unclassified)


1st        Hera                                                                 HWV                 Pip Williams

2nd       Pimms                                                              HWV                 Pip Williams

3rd       Rowanrun Rambler                                           HWV                 Felicity Palmer

4th        Quido                                                               BI                     Sue Parr

5th        Celli                                                                  BI                     Alan Parr                      



Dene Farm Breed Challenge      LM #                

Bedeslea Trophy         Diggmere New Star                  IS                     Jean Baldwin

for highest scoring Italian Spinone