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Here are the Championship Show judges for 2023 that we know of so far.

Whilst we have made every effort to ensure they are accurate, things change so please check the show details, especially dates, with the relevant Schedule before entering or attending.


06/01/2023 Boston Mark Sandy
21/01/2023 Manchester Keith Young
09/03/2023 Crufts Jeff Roberts
30/04/2023 WELKS David Shields
07/05/2023 Bham National Linda Mayne
20/05/2023 SKC Lesley Trow
26/05/2023 Bath Gordon Haran
06/06/2023 Southern Cos Manfroni
11/06/2023 Three Counties Pam Blay
17/06/2023 Border Union Mick Howes
24/06/2023 Blackpool Carol Coode
01/07/2023 Windsor Claire Sharp
07/07/2023 East Of England Jeff Horswell
15/07/2023 ISCGB 40th Anniversary Luca Massimino
28/07/2023 Leeds Philippa Cotterell
05/08/2023 Paignton Geraldine Cove-Print
06/08/2023 NGA Tracy Davies
14/08/2023 Bournemouth Frank Whyte
28/08/2023 Driffield Val Woodward
19/08/2023 WKC Ron James
03/09/2023 City Of Birmingham Jenny Miller
08/09/2023 Richmond Maxine Munday
15/09/2023 Darlington Lucy Nash
10/2023 SKC Moray Armstrong
14/10/2023 SWKA Jacqui Ward
10/2023 GSOW Nicola Spencer
27/10/2023 Midland Cos Peter Harper
11/11/2023 GBAS Peter Berchtold
09/12/2023 LKA Rita Allum