Last Updated on September 9, 2022 : :

The ISCGB held a Gundog Working Test for HPRs on 3rd September 2022 at 

Dene Farm, Wisdom Lane, Nether Wallop, Hampshire SO20 8ER

by kind permission of

Juliette Gerrard & Nigel Pond

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Special Beginners (Unclassified)

SPIRITON Trophy                    


1st        Rochus Oceana                                     Brit                   Hayley Stamp

2nd      Moochulu Ginny Weasley                    IS                     Joanna Cushway         

3rd       Montecani Dalton                                 IS                     Kelly Woolston

4th        Kenxtwen Perfect Pearl                         HV                    Faye Kennision

5th       Stagerun Matteo                                   IS                     Nicola Collett

6th       Tolosa Tazzelenghe                              IS                     Catherine Russell



BOWSKILL Trophy                   


1st        Faircastle Electra                                   GSP                 Laura Davies

2nd       Zoldmali Bolero                                     HWV                 Heather Gray

3rd       Karaszy Lel                                            HV                    Andrew Mead

4th        Bonningstedt Dammerung                    GSP                 Stephen Parr

5th        Lindenwood Alchemist                          HV                    Adela Clarkson

6th        Ulurudawn Fitzroy                                 HV                    Chris Weedon


Novice Dog Novice Handler

WYNSETT Trophy                    


1st        Rowanrun Rambler                                HWV                 Felicity Palmer

2nd       Cheyenn Nandita Ayasha                      LHW                 Dee Fletcher

3rd       Afterglow Daddy Cool                          IS                     Jane Cayford

4th        Adel Liliana                                            HWV                 Llyr Lewis

5th        Radstorm Rednecked Footman            GSP                 Barbara Whybrow

6th       Diggmere Winwood Ranger                 IS                     Jane Cayford   


KYLERICHT Trophy                 


1st        Bonningstedt Dammerung#                                GSP     Stephen Parr

2nd       Gemma’s Holiday Island#                                  GSP     Julie Edwards

3rd       Seasham Diamonds and Pearls#                        GSP     Helen Bradley

4th        Starshot Frontier                                                HWV     Dave Bevan

5th        Kewpond Buttons and Bows                              GWP    Susie Zarpanely           

6th        Haywards Lady Brynner                                     HV        Maxine Claxton


SENTLING Trophy                   


1st        Firefrost Duke of York                                       HWV     Rebecca Porter-Bye

2nd       Bonario Fagiana                                                BI         Alan Parr

3rd       Rebelritsi Beret                                                  HV        Hannah Spearman

4th        Anivellen v Rebelia for Rebelritsi (imp POL)     HV        Hannah Spearman

5th        Zoldmali Hera                                                    HWV     Pip Williams

6th        Abhainnsong Lola                                              GSP     Stan Shadbolt


Veteran (Unclassified)


1st        Stairfoot Skye                                                   GSP     Steve Pudney

2nd       Bonario Damascus                                           BI         Sue Parr

3rd       Kewpond Fleckle Whispa                                  GWP    Susie Zarpanely





Dene Farm Breed Challenge Winners     GSP #