Last Updated on March 15, 2021 : :

The genetics team from the AHT have secured a laboratory at Cambridge University, contracts are still being negotiated between the University of Cambridge the Kennel club and Kennel Club Charitable Trust. They hope to be able to recommence the CA testing service in 2-3 months assuming things go smoothly with contracts and university appointments for the testing posts.

Since 2020 I have been in continued discussions with several other laboratories. There are now two of the original four laboratories that responded to my request for them to develop a DNA test for CA.
Dr Mellersh has offered her help and support with those two laboratories in the development of the test.

I have forwarded Dr Mellersh’s contact details to the laboratories, we are now awaiting their decisions. Both laboratories will require affected, carrier and control samples to properly validate the test and will have to develop the test from scratch which may have a financial implication, even if this is added to the cost of the test once developed.

Once they have consulted with Dr Mellersh we will have a better idea of costs and timescales involved in developing new tests.

Elaine Kirkham
ISCGB Health Co-ordinator
March 2021