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September 2020

Dear Spinosti

Sorry for the delay in the update from Mr Bawd, but I was hoping that there would be some good news on the horizon, sadly it would appear that once again we are heading into another period of uncertainty that will disrupt our ‘doggy’ lives.

when the AHT closed its doors in July, Elaine, Cathy and Linda immediately sprang into action on behalf of the ISCGB. Cathy to see if the club had any financial claim on the AHT and Elaine and Linda regarding the CA test, plus other things the AHT do for us. As has already been announced on the ISCGB Website and Facebook pages, at this current time, there is not a valid test available for Spinone CA. The KC have temporarily removed it from their mandatory list of health tests for Spinone, however when a valid test becomes available in the future, the requirement to test for CA will be reintroduced with immediate effect. This is a sad blip for the Spinone and all those that worked so hard to find a solution to this disease in the past. Elaine and Linda continue to liaise with Dr Cathryn Mellersh and her genetics team and it is their intention to resume CA testing for us once they are settled into their new premises later this year. The results for every dog tested by the AHT are shown on their website page, including those from overseas.

BASC are currently updating their Covid guidelines and at time of writing it is still hoped that field trials and shooting will be able to take place this season as they may well be covered by any exemptions. However this is an ever changing situation and who knows?

as with most other breed clubs we’ve been unable to hold our AGM this year, official permission from the KC was sought and granted to delay our 2020 AGM. The accounts are ready to be presented to the membership and there are no rule changes, other than the KCs own or AOB to be discussed. BUT I’m pleased to say that we are able to announce the result of the President’s vote and that the Club now has a new President: Ms Pat Wilkinson.

one area which has most definitely been busy during lockdown and beyond. Our merchandising team, but mainly Linda Stanley has been working tirelessly to not just get orders out promptly but to source new items at reasonable prices to add to the ‘Spinone Shop’ I think that Linda must have been keeping her local Post Office in business! Check out our merchandise on the Facebook page and website.

R & R
a difficult time for all breeds and let’s hope we don’t see the predicted surge of unwanted puppies coming through the club. Hard for Janet and Kerry to do the usual home checks and visits due to the distancing required, but it was comforting to see how quickly a Spinone owner in distress was picked up on social media by one of the team with the promise of help/fostering services if needed. Well done Janet and Kerry…….

From W.Bawd


July 2020

Dear Spinonisti

REHOME AND RESCUE: Janet and Kerry have created a new database for current/new owners, plus a database which includes a complete history of dogs too. This is so that dogs and owners can be more easily matched, plus an easier online form. The R and R Team are also looking at linking all this information together so that one click follows the dog through the whole rehoming process from history, homecheck and handover.

MERCHANDISE: following guidelines, the Spinone Shop has reopened for business. The merchandising team of Linda and Samantha Stanley work hard sourcing new and original items for the shop so stock is constantly changing. It’s certainly worth having a look on both the FB page and the ISCGB website where you will also find full details of how to order and pay for your goods.

SHOWING: there was very little response to the question re the club rescheduling one of its shows so it now looks unlikely that this will happen. However Bournemouth, Blackpool and SKC(May) have rescheduled their championship shows, but not necessarily with the original pre-lockdown judges so who knows there may be the chance of getting some of those puppies and juniors out!

NEWSLETTERS: these should now be on the way to all members mid July, if you don’t receive yours and think that you’re a member please contact Lesley Coldwell:

AHT: by now you will have all seen that the AHT has gone into administration BUT they are still trying to clear the backlog of DNA swabs that have been submitted, although no more can be purchased. At this time we are not sure whether there is anyone else doing the CA test, but we will post full details as soon as we know. Along with many other breeds the ISCGB has invested a lot of money at the AHT for the funding of Spinone health projects. We shall be looking into where this leaves the ISCGB now re DNA samples being held for the historic CA study, epilepsy study and the ‘Give a dog a Genome’ study and what ,if any, financial claim we might have on our investments. To read the statement in full go to

From W.Bawd


June 2020 

Dear Spinonisti

Working: The NW training group will hopefully restart on July 4th with a water training day in Shropshire. Contact Julie Kelly Email:  Alix Johnson remains hopeful that there could be a W/T as well as F/Ts, everything is in place ready to go once we get word that we’re able to proceed with any guidelines. It is now worth contacting your trainer/groups to see if they’ve resumed training under BASC/Government guidelines.

Rehome & Rescue: The team are still following restrictions re home visits and taking on of new adopters, but Janet and Kerry are still there to help any Spinone or its owner in need. Janet and Kerry are also using the time to update their current paperwork to ensure that it’s in line with the current GDP requirements.

Health: The good news is that the AHT will now process all CA swab kits that have already been purchased, but at this time they are NOT selling any new kits.

Annual Awards: all lucky recipients of these awards should have now received both the award and card. Thanks to Leanne Challands for creating the awesome Virtual Award slide show.

Champions Book: There is now a digital copy of the book which I hope to use for members to preview at our next event. The book will be free of charge to all champion dog owners and then by order only to other interested parties. Cost will be determined by the number ordered.

Committee: We are hoping that a committee meeting opportunity is now not too far away.

Finally: A question that only requires a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. In the light of some societies rescheduling their shows, if the I.S.C.G.B was to reschedule one of its shows for the end of the year and followed any government/KC guidelines,

From Your Chair



May 2020

Dear Spinosti

I was waiting on the update from both the PM and NGA in the hope that I might have some good news for our membership, unfortunately not, so it is with deep regret that we have had to, along with many others, cancel our open show which was to be held in conjunction with NGA.

Despite the ‘lockdown’ the Committee continues to work for its membership. R and R continues under restrictions, but no Spinone or its owner will be refused help, however home visits have been suspended until further notice.

Alix is receiving an unprecedented amount of puppy enquires. I hope you will have all seen Lucy Nash’s poster advising that a Spinone is for life and not just a pandemic!

Alix is also ready to hold the W/T should we get the go ahead and is also hoping that we may still be able to hold F/Ts. The NW group is also looking at restarting training days towards the end of the year.

Lesley continues to take memberships, producing the Summer Newsletter and will be posting out the annual awards.

Elaine and Linda are in communication with the AHT and I suspect that Linda is still bogged down with all the secretary’s usual paperwork, plus the added extra that the current situation has brought.

We hope to reschedule, next year, all the planned events that have been cancelled.

We hope to hold our committee meeting and AGM at the earliest opportunity so until then, stay safe?stay well?

From your Chair