Last Updated on January 26, 2018 : :

The ISCGB and AHT are delighted to announce that samples for a second GWAS (genome scan) for Idiopathic Epilepsy in the Italian Spinone have been sent off for genotyping. This set of samples includes 24 affected and 24 unaffected dogs, and we will use a brand new genotyping array. This exciting new tool means that instead of comparing 174,000 markers across the genome, which were used for the first GWAS, we will be able to compare over 710,000 markers. This will allow us to compare the regions of the genome in a much higher resolution when we are looking for areas associated with idiopathic epilepsy. We will also be able to combine the new data from these 48 dogs with the data from the original GWAS of 59 dogs, and perform an analysis of the complete set of 107 dogs.

We look forward to being able to give you an update later this year once we have received the data and have been able to do some analysis.

A huge thank you for all of you who have provided samples for this research.