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Championship and Open Show Results for 1990

Results are still needed for the following shows: Southern Counties (June), Border Union (June), Paignton (July), Windsor (July), SWKA (July), Richmond (Sept)

If you have any results from these shows please send them to


1990 Shows



Coventry & District Gundog Club 16/12/1990 Peter Howard (Tickncote)
National Gundog Association 02/12/1990 Linda Collins (Wynsett)
North Middlesex CA 17/11/1990 Ruth Levers (Bowskill)
Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Nov 1990 George Lancaster
Midland Counties 27/10/1990 Mrs J Iles-Hebbert
Driffield Agricultural Society 12/10/1990 Gael Stenton (Gaesten)
Wembley & DCS Oct 1990 Mrs M Hathaway
Gundog Society of Wales 23/09/1990 Mrs Judith Blacklock
Darlington 16/09/1990 Mrs Rae Furness
Eastbourne & DCS 16/09/1990 D Muton
Richmond Sept 1990
City of Birmingham 02/09/1990 Mr P Green
Leicester 29/08/1990 Shirley Roberts (Roscali)
Scottish Kennel Club 24/08/1990 Mrs P Turton
Welsh Kennel Club 19/08/1990 Mrs Olga Hampton
Bournemouth 11/08/1990 Mrs Gina Gingell (Capricho)
National Gundog Association 04/08/1990 Mr Alec McCallum
ISCGB Open 29/07/1990 Sig Valentino Vignola (Del Benaco)
Leeds 21/07/1990 Mrs Doreen Armstead
East Of England 18/07/1990 Mrs M J Curgenven
SWKA July 1990
Windsor July 1990
Paignton June 1990
Blackpool 23/06/1990 Harry Jordan
Border Union June 1990
Three Counties 13/06/1990 Mr F R Bradbury
Southern Counties June 1990
Bath 26/05/1990 Dr Ben Raven
Scottish Kennel Club 20/05/1990 Mike Herwin
Birmingham National 05/05/1990 Mr Ian Hampton
WELKS 26/04/1990 Mrs E Gardener
Crufts 09/02/1990 Mr Geoff Farrand
Harrogate & DCS 1990 Jeff Roberts (Mirkwood)
Dukeries Notts Gundog 1990 Rod Allison (Mantegna)
Manchester 1990
Royal Cornwall 1990 Chris Jury