Working Tests Uncovered


Working Tests are run from spring to late summer (out of the shooting season) using dummies, and occasionally dead pigeons, or caged game for the dogs to point. No live game is ever shot (blanks may be used). These tests are organised according to the age and standard of the dogs - Puppy (6 -18 months), Novice and Open; and you would start in the Puppy or Novice and then qualify to move up to Open. Occasionally there is a Graduate or Intermediate test to bridge the gap between Novice and Open.


The Kennel Club describes Working Tests as…..

Gundog Working Tests (GWTs) are competitions which, by artificially simulating shooting day conditions, seek to assess, without game being shot, the working abilities of the various breeds of Gundogs. Cold game and Dummies may be used at the discretion of the organisers.

Credit Points - Natural quartering and pointing ability - Drive - Style - Good marking - Control - Speed in gathering retrieve - Delivery - Quiet handling.

Serious Faults - Refusing to retrieve - Whining or barking - Out of control - Chasing - Failing to enter water - Changing Retrieve.

At Working Tests there are usually 4 tests to complete -


Seen Retrieve.

Blind Retrieve.

Water Retrieve.

The degree of difficulty will change depending on which standard being judged i.e. in the Novice water test it will usually be a seen retrieve from water whereas in an Open test it may be a blind retrieve across water.