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German Shorthaired Pointer Association   http://www.gspa.co.uk
German Shorthaired Pointer Club   http://www.gsp.org.uk
German Wirehaired Pointer Club   http://www.gwpclub.co.uk
German Longhaired Pointer Club   http://www.german-longhaired-pointer.org.uk
Hungarian Vizsla Society   http://www.vizsla.org.uk
Hungarian Vizsla Club    http://www.hungarianvizslaclub.org.uk
Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association   http://www.hwva.org.uk
Weimaraner Club of Great Britain   http://www.weimaranerclubofgreatbritain.org.uk
Weimaraner Association   http://www.weimaraner-association.org.uk
Brittany Club   http://www.brittanyclub.co.uk
Italian Spinone Club of Great Britain   http://www.italianspinone.co.uk
Korthals Griffon Club of Great Britian   http://www.korthalsgriffonclub.co.uk 
Large Munsterlander Club   http://www.largemunsterlanderclub.co.uk
Bracco Italiano Club   http://www.bracco-italiano.co.uk
The Bristol & West Working Gundog Society   http://www.bwwgs.org.uk
Coventry & District Gundog Society  http://www.coventrygundog.org.uk
Norfolk & Suffolk HPR Field Trail Club   http://www.norfolk-suffolk-hpr-ftclub.co.uk


HPR Forum   http://workinghprs.myfastforum.org/index.php
HPR FT & WT Information   http://www.hprftinfo.co.uk
HPR Training   http://www.kimberleygundogs.com
National Organisation of Beaters and Pickers Up   http://www.nobs.org.uk
BASC   http://www.basc.org.uk
CLA   http://www.cla.co.uk
CLA Gamefair 2008   http://www.gamefair.co.uk