I have been asked to put a few words together to tell you all about my experience of the North West Spinone group.

Having a busy boy who needs plenty to do I thought it would be a good idea to have a go at a bit of gundog work.

I went to a couple of groups but to be honest I felt a little out of my depth and then I heard about the North west group and felt that as it was more focused on working the Spinone and HPR's it may be more suitable.


So off we went for our first session. The weather was very unkind to us that day and we spent most of the day in torrential rain and hail but it didn't put us off and we just got on with it.

The session was delivered very well, with us all being there for the first time it was more about assessing where we were with our dogs for the first part of the day and then later on we went on to do more. Something I really like about the trainers we have worked with is that they have explained why your dog may be doing what he is doing and ways you can work with him to overcome it, the trainers have made me feel more confident in how to work with my dog and to encourage the best out of him. The sessions are varied and there have been different things to have a go at to keep the dogs interested and we have even had the opportunity to send our dogs out to experience real game too.

I am aware that we still have a lot to learn and a few hurdles to overcome but I feel that I am in the right group to help me do that.

It is a great bunch of people and I feel that now we have had a few sessions together the support and encouragement for each other within the group is growing. The sessions are relaxed and friendly. I really look forward to going now and don't feel half as nervous as I did to start with.

The venue is great and a bonus that there is food and drink available (and a loo!!).
It is a good drive for me to get there but well worth it.
I look forward to many more days with our new group of friends. 

Lou Edwards and Buddy