Championship and Open Show Results for 1996

Results are still needed for the following shows: Southern Counties (June), Blackpool (June), National Gundog (Aug), Midland Counties (Oct)

If you have any results from these shows please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1996 Shows



LKA Dec 1996 Mrs M E Holmes
Sleaford & DCS 21/12/1996 Roy Steel
Coventry 19/12/1996 Ann Paton
Newton Aycliffe 08/12/1996 Peter Harper
Gloucester 23/11/1996 M Titchmarsh
Reading & DCS 09/11/1996 Pat Braybrooke
Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Nov 1996 Mr D Miller
Midland Counties Oct 1996 -
Driffield Agricultural Society Oct 1996 Hans Troedsson
Portsmouth & Southsea 20/10/1996 Sally Sutton
Mid Western Gundog Society 13/10/1996 Jane Wright
ISCGB Open 06/10/1996 Peggy Grayson
Derby 20/09/1996 Shona MacPherson
Gundog Society of Wales Sept 1996 Janet Richards
Darlington Sept 1996 Mrs M Spavin
Richmond Sept 1996 Mrs C Bexon
City of Birmingham 01/09/1996 Mrs B Davies
Scottish Kennel Club 18/09/1996 Doreen Hardie
Welsh Kennel Club Aug 1996 Valerie Foss
Bournemouth Aug 1996 Mrs K G Holmes
Hampshire Gundog Society 07/08/1996 Pat Wilkinson (Monzamo)
National Gundog Association 03/08/1996 Mike Gadsby (Afterglow)
Leeds July 1996 Margie Cairns
East Of England July 1996 Mrs P Turner
Kingston CS 21/07/1996 Mr E Simpson (Coltrim)
South Wales 13/07/1996 Meriel Hathaway
Windsor July 1996 Sonia Grief (Goldfly)
Paignton 29/06/1996 Mr J Newsham
Blackpool June 1996 -
Border Union (AVNSC) June 1996 S Plane
Three Counties 12/06/1996 Mrs L J Salt
ISCGB Championship 08/06/1996 Carolyn Fry (Bedeslea)
Midland Counties 1996 Bernard Child
Belfast 1996 Denise Courtney
Mid Herts Gundog 1996 Jamie Overton
Rugeley CS 1996 Julie Carnall
North of England HPR 1996 Robert Geary
Otley 1996 Jose Baddeley
Eastbourne & DCS 1996 Mary Small
Sedgley & Gornal DCS 1996 Doreen Smilie
Stourbridge 1996 Patrizia De Ferrari
Chichester 1996 Sarah Beazant
Southern Counties June 1996 -
Bath May 1996 Mr B Phillips
Scottish Kennel Club May 1996 Shirley Roberts (Roscali)
Birmingham National May 1996 Linda Collins (Wynsett)
Guildford & DCS 29/05/1996 Ann Webster
Isle of Thanet 12/05/1996 V A Watkin
Rossendale Valley CS 05/05/1996 Ken Bullock
South Western Gundog 05/05/1996 Mrs H Gill
Whitney & DCS 05/05/1996 Shona Macpherson
Waverley Gundog Association 05/05/1996 Pat Wilkinson (Monzamo)
WELKS (AVNSC) April 1996 Peggy Grayson
Crufts 15/03/1996  Arnold Hall
Northampton 03/05/1996 Keith Groom
Sutton Coldfield 03/03/1996 Sally Sutton
South West Scotland Gundog 02/03/1996 ?
Western Super Mare 25/02/1996 Barbara Cherry
Horley 25/02/1996 Val Jones
Manchester 16/02/1996 Mr E Hulme
Herts 28/01/1996 Sarah Beazant 
Stoke On Trent Gundog 28/01/1996 Keith Groom 
GBAS 28/01/1996 Ann Digby 
Rugeley 27/01/1996 Chris McNearn 
Falkirk 21/01/1996 ?
Rugby 13/01/1996 Jeff Roberts (Mirkwood)
Dukeries Gundog Club 07/01/1996 Scott Riley
Waverley Gundog 07/01/1996 Marion McAngus