Championship and Open Show Results for 1998

Results are still needed for the following shows: Bath (May), Border Union (June), Blackpool (June)

If you have any results from these shows please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1998 Shows



LKA Dec 1998 Pam Blay
Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Nov 1998 Hilda Parkinson
Kettering Nov 1998 Nicola Spencer (Bannonbrig)
Mid Herts Gundog Club 15/11/1998 Pat Wilkinson (Monzamo)
Midland Counties Oct 1998 Mr M D McGarry
Driffield Agricultural Society Oct 1998 Sandra Marshall
Wellingborough 04/10/1998 Ted Goodship
Belfast (AVNSC) Sept 1998 Mr H A Jordan
Gundog Society of Wales Sept 1998 Helen Turner
Darlington Sept 1998 Jamie Overton
Richmond Sept 1998 Roberto Amadori (Epithelium)
City of Birmingham Sept 1998 Mrs K M Gorman
Scottish Kennel Club Aug 1998 -
Welsh Kennel Club Aug 1998 Shirley Roberts (Roscali)
Bournemouth Aug 1998 Meriel Hathaway
National Gundog Association Aug 1998 Sonia Grief (Goldfly)
Leeds July 1998 Mr R Ellison
East Of England July 1998 Ellis Hulme
South Wales July 1998 Jack Bowen
Windsor July 1998 Ruth Tattersall
Paignton July 1998 Peggy Grayson
Blackpool June 1998 -
Border Union June 1998 -
Three Counties 17/06/1998 Miss D S Smillie
ISCGB Championship June 1998 Chris Bexon
Southern Counties June 1998 Salvo Tripoli
Bath May 1998 -
Scottish Kennel Club May 1998 Malcolm Bevan (Stowlodge)
Birmingham National May 1998 Carolyn Fry (Bedeslea)
East Anglian Gundog 12/04/1998 Pat Wilkinson (Monzamo)
WELKS (AVNSC) April 1998 -
Crufts March 1998 Linda Collins (Wynsett)
Redditch & DCS 28/03/1998 Robert Geary
Alton 28/03/1998 Ferelith Somerfield
Scunthorpe 22/03/1998 Helen Barlow
Manchester Feb 1998 -
Shropshire Gundog society 22/02/1998 Tracey Mayou
Dunstable 07/02/1998 Frances Boxall
East Kent 01/02/1998 Carole Coode
Merseyside Gundog Club 01/02/1998 Julie Carnall
Retford 18/01/1998 Helen Turner
Leicestershire Gundog 1998 Sandra Marshall
Lanelli 1998 G Morgan
Perthshire CC 1998 Terry Pearson
Coventry Gundog 1998 Christine McDonald
Northampton 1998 Sylvia Bunting
East Midlands CS 1998 Audrey Nicholls
Wembley & DCS 1998 Sharon Carter
Horley 1998 Liz Rose-Hay