One afternoon in the summer ....................

Mum goes out, she tells us she won't be long and to be good.  Usually we are and just sleep until she comes back.  But today we wanted to play so looked around the room to see what we could find.

The builders have been here a while and leave their stuff stacked neatly in the corner.  Nothing of interest here - just some empty buckets, a ladder, an empty mug on the windowsill.

Boring !!

Then we spotted a paper sack - like the ones our dog food comes in - but it didn't smell like dog food.  Better have a look though just in case.

So we tipped it over on its side and in we went.

It was full of this fine powder and when the bag split, it flew out everywhere.  What fun we had playing in it.  Just like our own beach in the lounge.

Well we got absolutely covered in it.  So, time for a good shake to get it out of our fur.  Thirsty work - time for a drink.  Then we settle down for a sleep 'cos Mum will be back soon.

We hear the key in the door and try to get up to say hello, but our feet seem heavy and our heads and moustaches are all stiff.  The door opens and in walks Mum, we can see her footprints in the carpet, like when it snows.  She is not happy, can't think why ...

By now the powdery stuff in our beards & feet has mixed nicely with the water we drunk and has set solid.  Mum managed to comb most of it out - I think she was cross because that made more mess.

It took her quite a long time to brush all the powder up as every time she touched it, it flew everywhere.  We didn't think using the hoover was such a good idea but just kept quiet and out of the way.

Hudson & Buca