2 or 3 feather cushions
2 Spinoni (called Hudson and Buca but any 2 will do)


Take the feather cushions, wrap them in a bag and put them well out of reach of the Spinoni.

Go out for a short while, safe in the knowledge that there's nothing your beloved Spins can get to.

Return home and open the door.  This creates some air movement which in turn creates a snow storm of feathers (which are no longer inside the cushions) in the room.

How to clean up a room full of feathers

Our mum never found the best answer to this one, whatever you do though, DON'T use the hoover or try to damp them down to make them less mobile.

Have fun with this one
from Hudson & Buca

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There are loads of Spins out there who would love to try them out.