Ingredients needed:

2lb granulated sugar

1 butane gas lighter for candles

1 very naughty 11 month old Spin called Bailey


Leave Spinone in the same room as a forgotten Sainsbury's carrier bag containing the above items and go out.

After 2 hours, return home.

And that is it.  Easy.  Oh, by the way, you will find devastation and destruction on your return!

Sugar bags when held in a grip and shaken, soon spread and fly all over the lounge .... mixed with the gas fluid, which makes Spinones sick (no surprise there) and lots of slobber then left to set make a mess you would not believe! My lounge looked like it had been iced.

It took me and my hubby approximately 7 hours to clean it all up and ended up boiling lots of kettles to dissolve the now hard sugar to remove from the laminate floor ... thank goodness we have not got carpet.  It would not hoover up or sweep up as it had set solid. It was all over the windows, furniture, TV, walls, and everything in the room. Even her beard and face were stiff with sugar and she looked like she had gone mad with the hair gel.  It transpired that the bag was left by accident by my sister who got a rude awakening when we got home in the form of a 'phone call "what the hell (or words to that effect) was in that bag you left for Bailey to play with!!??"

It taught us a lesson about how naughty Spins can really be when they put their minds to it!  Needless to say, we are all experts in "Bailey-proofing" before we go out now!