Darcey - The Canine Shredder

My dear Brown Roan pup (4 months of age when it started) decided one night that she wanted to give me a warm welcome when I got up the next morning.  I heard no noise from her during the night, but came down in the morning to make breakfast for her and the other furry family members to be greeted with a scene - something like St Patrick's Day in New York (Ticker tape scene).

My sweet looking, butter wouldn't melt in my mouth mum pup had decided that the newspapers and magazines that I had lying around needed rearranging.  There was a mail order catalogue, two newspapers and one magazine absolutely shredded.  Darcey even had the evidence of her antics hanging out of her mouth (both sides) and greeted with with a smile and wagging tail (hi mum look what I did!!!).

I could have screamed, but I took one look at her and how happy she was and said "that Spinonis for you I guess".  Once I had breakfast it made me laugh, but I learned a lot from that.  Be careful what you leave in the room when you leave a Spinoni alone!!!