Our spinone Lily 2 year old bitch has a wonderful way of greeting us in the morning or when weve been out. she picks up nearset article maybe her toy or underpants or what ever is lying about and shows its to us with a real deep throat growl (gargle) sound she has done this from a pup.  Does any other owner have this greeting. Her tail is firing on all cylinders so we know its happy.

And we have found several pairs of pants and socks burried up the garden are they being matured one asks oneself. Oh to be a spinone owner, life is such fun. We bought her for our autistic grandson they ignore each other but the little grandson 5 years now its like partners in crime. You raid the cookie jar and I'll share with you. You dig that hole and I'll help you; don't know which one is worse but it's magic to watch them getting up to mischief together, and her obedience with him is incredible. You jump, how high says the dog. You jump says I , I'll sit here till you've finished says the dog. The stories are endless. Yea for Lily.