Check the ears weekly but more frequently if you have been out working your dog or have been anywhere that grass seeds could penetrate their way down the ear.

Routine clipping or stripping of the hair from the outer part of the ears should be carried out to allow good ventilation.  The hair should not be removed from down the ear canal, although this practice was popular in the past professional groomers are now being told that this is not a good practice.  The Spinone is one of the few breeds that grows hair all the way down the ear canal, it is there to protect the ear drum.

The ear should not smell of anything else but wax with only a small amount of wax finding its way to the surface.  If your dog begins shaking or scratching its ears check them and clean them, if it continues seek veterinary advice.

Routine cleaning of the external part of the ear can be carried out using a mild ear cleaner and a cotton wool pad. 

Remember that the ear is a very delicate organ and it must be treated gently.

There is the thought that filling the ear canal up with cleaner routinely when there is no obvious problem only stimulates the ear to produce a more liquid wax and can then become infected.  Wax is there to protect the ear drum.