KC Working Gundog Certificate

This KC Certificate is for all registered gundog owners who actively work their dogs but do not wish to enter Working Tests or Field Trials. It is a non competitive award intended to 'raise the standard of dog ownership in terms of...working ability'.

In 2006 The KC changed the criteria and a dog can gain a WGC in one of several disciplines.

DateSocietyDogOwner HandlerAward
12-10-2003GSPC NW BranchFreshetin RimbomboJean BaldwinWorking Gundog Certificate
20-03-2005WAHollutrix DanteIngrid MoyserWorking Gundog Certificate
20-03-2005WACalvanace Theodosius for Bardantop Pete GuestWorking Gundog Certificate
21-08-2005GSPC S/H BranchMontecani Isabella del MaggioreRod JohnsonWorking Gundog Certificate
25-08-2006GSPC S/H BranchMaggiore GraziaRod JohnsonWorking Gundog Certificate
01-03-2009KCFreshetin LentiggineJean BaldwinWorking Gundog Certificate
01-03-2011KCSonarbra AppianiMichelle HurrellWorking Gundog Certificate (Pointing)
01-09-2013GSPC Sussex BranchStagerun ElgarJean FryWorking Gundog Certificate (Dummies)
02-09-2017GCNWDiggmere New StarJean BaldwinWorking Gundog Certificate (Dummies)
02-09-2017GCNWSanjika Nyko Jean BaldwinWorking Gundog Certificate (Dummies)
02-09-2017GCNWSh Ch Riccini Cienna Phil WrightWorking Gundog Certificate (Dummies)
02-09-2017GCNWTeazledown Moonwalker at Jocagil JW Cathy GillWorking Gundog Certificate (Dummies)
29-10-2017ISCGBJulietta Theogonia Black at TalpalupoJoy CorbettWorking Gundog Certificate (Dummies)
25-01-2018GSPADiggmere New StarJean BaldwinWorking Gundog Certificate (Game)
17-04-2019GG TrgPiacente Modica Michelle PartridgeWorking Gundog Certificate (Dummies)
15-03-2020ISCGBLarlila FrueDebbie DixonWorking Gundog Certificate (Pointing)