Oscar has shared our lives and been a loving and faithful companion for just over 14 years, each one a joy and a blessing.

Dubbed the ‘class comedian’ during his initial Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme lessons, he continued to entertain throughout his long life, befriending and charming family, friends and strangers alike. His gentle nature made him a natural playmate for the young and a genuine, sympathetic friend to those in need of a little comfort and someone to listen.

Not always the most obedient of boys, if something more interesting hove into view then his selective hearing was wont to kick in, he was genuinely eager to please and mortified if he thought he had offended or upset.

His passing was, like him, gentle, peaceful and dignified. At home, with us, where he will always be.

Thank you, Oscar. Enjoy your rest, you have earned it.

Les & Andrew