Desept Cumbria
Aspenwood Jack Frost x Capricho Empress Zafilly
4th March 2007 - 2nd February 2020


Lui came to live with us in late November 2007 at the age of eight months. Although he initially suffered from separation anxiety, he soon became the most biddable, loving and loyal dog anyone could ask for. He accompanied us on many adventures, despite being born with a malformed ball and socket in his left rear hind leg, and we still talk about him climbing The Old Man of Coniston the hard way!
Our grateful thanks to Gillie Gomarsall for introducing us to the breed (through her three lovely girls) and for being instrumental in Lui joining our family via Spinone Rehome after what seemed a long wait, but was actually only a few months.

Although we nearly lost Lui to Canine Splenic Hemangiosarcoma (cancer of the spleen) in late 2015, he recovered amazingly after having a splenectomy and went on to live a very full and happy further four years.
We always know that they will leave us one day, but we cleverly put it to the back of our thoughts - it is such a jolt when it happens. We are keeping close our happy memories of Lui and trying not to dwell on his goodbye. We are already laughing about his antics and activities (particularly his first encounter with water when he took a flying leap into a river and his tendency to lean on anyone who showed him any attention) - he'll be hard act to follow.