I truly believe that, out of all the Spinoni puppies I have seen over the years, Jabba was the fattest, most hungry one of all. His mission in life was to locate the milk bar and never leave! He was given the nick name “the slug” which seems a bit unkind but it really suited him at the time. Eventually he was named Jabba and it was apparent from day one that he would be coming home with me to join his Dad, Monza.

I was privileged to share my life with Jabba for 12 years and seven months for he was such a great character. We had such a close relationship we knew exactly what each other was thinking and he was always close by keeping an eye on me. He really enjoyed life to the full, was always keen to learn new tricks (just like his Dad) and always laughed his way through the day. His favourite things were rolling on the ground from sheer joy, playing in the snow and ice, paddling in the village beck or, better still, lying in it in hot weather. In the last 18 months of his life he was banned from the beck, as he couldn’t climb back out, and made full use of his paddling pool in the garden. He absolutely loved the beach and we frequently visited his breeders in Fleetwood where he would make a dash for the beach and the sea.

Jabba, though hardly shown himself after the age of 2, loved going to shows where he kept a keen eye on proceedings. He was an ideal companion and role model for three later additions to our Spinoni family and taught them right from wrong; I’m pleased to say he did a really good job.

Jabba was a really happy dog right up to the very moment when I held him in my arms and said my last goodbye, he will always be very much loved and sorely missed.