I remember when Dad collected you, you came bounding down my dormitory - to my study like you knew who I was already. How Mum and Dad fed you spaghetti every now and then because you were 'Italian' - but all you wanted was buttered toast, I’d always make a round for me and a round for you. We'd sit and eat it together but yours would be gone in 5 seconds flat. Your first swim, you never liked water much but when you got your confidence we could never get you home - baths! - you were such a softy waiting for the hair dryer - so conscious of your dashing looks. And quite rightly, one person at least without fail on every walk/outing would comment on your handsomeness and good nature, the only dog in the village who would be left presents at the door by complete strangers - but they knew your name. Then you would go out in the garden and wrestle with Dad and Euan, getting muddy paws and chops, eating apples or Dad's golf balls as you went (how you never swallowed a golf ball still amazes me - Dad always said you wouldn't) he was the one throwing them for you to chase - I'll never forget how you would sit and share ice creams like two old men. How you'd chase motorbikes, barking till they almost fell off. How you managed to thieve a big bar of Galaxy chocolate from my handbag and leave the wrapper perfectly unopened... look at me so proudly (not having made mess) and then roll on the floor with your paws covering your eyes hoping not to be seen or told off, a usual and regular Hugo trait - 'it wasn't me!' Not sure Emily was as pleased when you ate 9 of her 13th Birthday cupcakes - none of us will ever forget that Hugo, Mum tried to tell you off but burst into tears of laughter - and you trotted off for a snooze feeling content as usual. As a youngster you would always steal my knickers and socks from the ironing pile, you knew every time I was packing to go away. You were the ultimate 'sofa loafer' - ssshhh don't worry we still won't tell Mum, her famous last words every time she'd go away - 'don't let Hugo on the sofa.' You'd always paw Mum to sniff her wine, then bound around sneezing like it was the most fun game. But most of all we will never forget what happiness you brought to our family, keeping it together at times - going home and not being greeted with one of your hugs, on your back legs with your front legs round our shoulders (you always did think you were human) will be the hardest thing I have to do now. I will miss you terribly, man's best friend yes, but my best friend. We'll go for a W-A-L-K again one day (only you could learn that us spelling it out meant walkies) I am so sorry it ended the way it did Hugie, you didn't deserve it - you were so special to all of us.

Hugo suffered with a twisted stomach in the summer of 2011. He came back fighting only to be struck with Liver and Spleen problems 8 months later. So brave till the end.
Your star will shine very brightly Hugo. Love you.

From your Sister Abigail, Emily and Mum and Dad xxx