You were my best friend, my rock in times of trouble, the clown that made me laugh ,my ever constant companion and soul mate. I will be forever grateful that you came in to my life and will miss you always. I hold you close to my heart and will treasure the wonderfull life and times we had together. From the moment I saw you at 5 days old you stole my heart.

When my daughter was born, you were constantly at Honey's side and she yours, you were always completely trustworthy and so gentle. The house is so empty without you. We miss your wonderful over the top exaggerated welcome home, the dirty great paw prints through the house, the holes you dug in the garden and of course not forgetting the slobber!! Even though we have now reclaimed the sofa,we would happily give it up to have you with us again. We wouldn't change a thing you were the most wonderful friend and we are very privileged to have had the great pleasure of sharing your life.

Until we meet again my friend, We love you and miss you Biggidy you will be forever in our hearts

Emma and Honey Howell-William