My Spinone Bello came to us as a six week old puppy and has been , in all aspects, the most special dog we ever had.

A total personality, with a mix of doing only what he felt was worth doing on one hand, but offering great affection and endless patience on the other.

He was our constant companion and since we could never find it in our hearts to put him into kennels, therefore very well-travelled.

Whether it was roaming the fields & the golf course in Woking while Mum & Dad played their game or embarking on exciting mountain hikes in Switzerland; he was in for it!

Unfortunately he fell ill with a tumor in his spleen and a month after his splenectomy the illness had spread in such a way that we could only offer him to end his suffering.

We are deeply sad but grateful to have had a fantastic month where we got the opportunity to spoil him rotten and cuddle him all day.

We have held him in our arms to the very end and comfort ourselves with the knowledge that he has had the most wonderful life.

But now we grieve for our Bello….

Joris & Wilma Kniep