Basil was our first and only Spinone, he came to live with us at seven weeks old and quickly became a massive part of our family. He was such a character and came everywhere with us, we were hardly apart for almost ten years.

For over nine years he was so healthy, we thought he would be with us until a ripe old age but then suddenly, within a couple of months, he was gone.

What at first appeared to be a minor problem, turned out to be far more serious. Multiple trips to the vets and then three days at a veterinary hospital confirmed that he had prostate cancer which had spread and was incurable. He became so ill but was so brave and a perfect gentleman until the very end.

The house now seems so quiet and empty without him, I still look around and expect to see him sat on the sofa looking back at me or feel his paw touching me.

Good night Bas, we will always remember you, rest in peace my beautiful boy.