Archie "Mr Stink" Ceaton
7.3.11 - 28.12.19

We always want just one more sniff of him, just one more cuddle.


We collected Archie from our good friends on 7th March 2011, I had a conversation with that 8 week old pup in the garden, just him and I. I told him that some of the other pups may be going to bigger houses with bigger gardens, but he was never going to be cold, always have a full belly and a comfy bed, we would always keep him free from pain, but BOY was he in for some fun with us !! And never a more true word was said, the fun we had with Archie over the (almost) 9 years we had him was unbelievable. Being stopped on dog walks every 10 mins to be told how handsome he was, his one off modelling shoot in Grosvenor Square (he earnt 200 for that job!) swimming in the sea, long salty aired walks on the beach, chasing squizzers in the woods - that boy changed our lives and the massive paw print shaped void he leaves behind is unexplainable.Whatever your beliefs, I believe if you lead a good life, your reward is to see you beloved furry friends again, if not, what's the point of it all?

So goodbye (for now) our handsome, clumsy, stinky, cheeky, loyal, BRAVE and completely self-less 3rd Muskateer. You will always be in our hearts (once we've put them back together), we will always talk about you and celebrate how you made our lives so wonderful, literally the best dog anyone could ever ask for LOVE YOU BEST BOY xxxxx