Thinking of owing a Spinone, we can offer you advice and support to decide if they are the breed for you. Remember they are a working gundog and need plenty of mental and physical exercise. Things to consider before you take the plunge.

About The Breed

Taken the plunge? You now have your bundle of joy at home. What next. We can help you care for your dog throughout what we hope will be a happy and healthy long life. Grooming, feeding, exercise, first aid, teething, insurance, heights and weights, to neuter or not, you name it, we will have experience of it.

Caring for your Spinone

The Italian Spinone is an intelligent, tireless, and thorough gundog. As a member of the Hunt, Point, Retrieve group he is best suited to rough shooting but can adapt to beating or picking up. His training will be long and require patience! However, a working Spinoni is a much happier and fulfilled dog. Fostering this natural instinct will give you a keen, eager-to-please gundog, and a calm and content companion in the family home.

Working Your Spinone

Join the Club, here you will find the official stuff. How to become a member, our rules & regs, code of ethics, judges lists, club events, who's on the committees, how we operate.

Why not join our Spinone Club

We are very pro-active about Spinone health and work closely with the Animal Health Trust clinical and genetics teams to provide information for breeders and owners. We have a comprehensive database containing pedigrees and health information about Spinoni worldwide.

Health & Welfare

There are lots of things you can do with your Spinone, an active dog is a happy dog and a more healthy you. They love to be with you doing what you are doing. Work, show, agility, pets as therapy, reading, cani cross, guide dog, hearing dog, assistance for the disabled, obedience, heelwork to music, companion, the list is endless.

Spinone Activities

What's going on in the Spinone world, here you will find all the latest news, announcements and reminders. Browse our Spinone gifts and photo gallery. Here you will also find links to our Google Events calendar and other sites of interest.

What's Going On

ISCGB Rehome & Rescue is a totally voluntary service offering assistance and support for pure bred Spinoni nationwide who, for whatever reason, cannot stay in their current home. We are a not for profit operation and rely on donations and fund raising.

Adoption and Rehome

KC Field Trial, Working Tests, Working Certificates and working awards for 1991-1992


1991-1992 Event / Award



ISCGB Annual Awards
ISCGB Gamehawk Field Trial Trophy AGM ISCGB Annual Award
ISCGB Juska Working Test Trophy AGM ISCGB Annual Award
KC Field Trial Awards
WCGB Novice Field Trial - Tincleton 22/01/1992 Maureen Nixon & Richard Jupp
BCGB Novice Field Trial 30/12/1991 Brian Botterman & John Wagstaff
HGS Novice Field Trial 20/12/1991 Chris Church & Eddie Hales
WCGB All Aged Field Trial - Stourhead 14/12/1991 Edward Hardman & Rory Major
GWPC Novice Field Trial - Mynthurst 11/11/1991 Jerry Kew & Jean Botterman
KC Gundog Working Test Awards
No Awards Made - -
KC Spring Pointing Test Gradings
No Awards Made - -
ISCGB Bedeslea Trophy
ISCGB Working Test 1991 -