The ISCGB GWT date for 2022 is confirmed as September 3rd 2022 at Dene Farm, Wisdom Lane, Nether Wallop, Hampshire SO20 8ER. More details to follow.

The database Linda has been working on is now live.  If you would like to register, please visit  and follow the instructions to register for a user account.

Registered users will be able to view pedigrees up to 8 generations with common ancestors easily identifed.  Breeding charts for Sires and Dams will show litter history including full and half siblings. Reverse pedigrees for a dog allow you to view several generations of offspring and Sibling pedigrees will list the littermates of dogs in a pedigree, also up to 8 generations where data is available.

Initially the health data will be limited to conditions that we currently test for, specifically hip scores and CA status. Other conditions can potentially be included in phases if owners wish to share them subject to the necessary written consent and verification being provided.

Future plans include the addition of trial pedigrees where you can select a sire and dam and view the resultant pedigree.  We will also be adding breeding coefficients calculated to 10 generations accuracy.

The database already includes many dogs from other countries.  We are happy to work with any Breed Club to incorporate data they wish to provide to create a worldwide pedigree database.