Hypo-allergenic? A non-shedding Spinone?  A spinone sheds hair and is not hypo-allergenic. 

If a Spinone is crossed with something that is less pre-disposed to shed hair then why would any puppies only inherit the coat genes from the non-shedding dog?  If you want a dog that doesn't moult, then don't get a Spinone or a cross breed.  Get a breed that doesn't shed hair.

A cross breed is a bad idea if this is a requirement as you cannot possibly predict what sort of coat the puppies will have and there will also be variation in the litter.  Some may well end up with a coat more like the non-shedding parent but some will not.  How will you know when you choose your puppy at a few weeks old how it will turn out.

Anyone advertising a cross breed as "non-shedding" or "hypo-allergenic" is using words to make them more appealing.  Why . . . because they are trying to sell them.  Can you return them if they don't "do what they say on the tin".  Maybe you can but will you be able to part with them by the time you find out.