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Rare breed, pedigree, registered - what do these words really mean?

The breeder will tell you or advertise the fact that it's a rare breed, the parents are both registered pedigrees.

Cross breeds are often marketed to fool the unsuspecting buyer into thinking that they are getting something of high quality or better than they actually are.

So is it a rare breed?  Rare, yes they may be uncommon, but they are certainly not a breed in their own right.  If you are told they are rare, either by the breeder or in an advertisement, then the seller is using this word to make you think you are getting something exclusive.  If something this rare were truly in demand it wouldn't need to be advertised.

A true breed of dog will be recognised by the Kennel Club and can therefore be registered.  There will be one or more specialist Breed Clubs throughout the country which can offer advice and support about the breed.  A cross breed will not be registered and you will not be able to compete at conformation shows, working tests or trials.  Furthermore, if your intention is to breed from your cross when it is older then you are diving head first into the unknown.

Cross breeds may be advertised with 'registered pedigree parents' to mislead you into thinking you are getting a puppy that will be registered and that the puppy will be a pedigree puppy.  Ask yourself why the seller is using these words.  They have no meaning of any value when used to advertise a cross breed.  The fact that both parents are 'registered' or 'pedigree' means nothing once they are crossed.