Are cross breeds really cheaper than a pedigree or an expensive mistake?  What are you actually getting for your money (or not as the case may be)?

The initial purchase price may be a little cheaper than buying a pedigree Spinone but you are not getting good value for money.  It is a very expensive way of buying what is little more than a mongrel.  There are literally thousands and thousands of mongrels that are desperate for a new home.  The rescue centres are full of them so if you don't want a proper Spinone go to a rescue centre and buy a mongrel for a fraction of the price you will pay for a cross breed.  Some cross breeds are even advertised at the same price or even higher than an equivalent pedigree would be.  You wouldn't pay the full price for a Del Boy market copy of a designer product so why do that with a cross breed dog.

If you fall for a cross breed you will be missing out on the breeding experience that you would get from a reputable Spinone breeder. They will have planned their litter carefully to improve on the previous generation and you will know what you are getting for your money. Reputable Spinone breeders will offer a lifetime of advice and support for you and your new family addition.  They will be fully familiar with the breed and what it is like to own and live with one. 

With a pedigree you will know what to expect in terms of size, coat, temperament, life expectancy, behavioural tendencies etc.  With a cross breed you could end up with any size of dog, an unpredicatable temperament, a coat that is difficult to look after and unknown, unexpected health issues.

So think carefully before considering a cross breed and if you do decide that a pedigree Spinone is not for you then please visit a rescue centre and give a home to one of the thousands of crosses that somebody has already decided they didn't want after all.