Is there any good reason to cross our wonderful breed, the Spinone?  The answer must be a resounding NO.

An ancient HPR with so much history, highly valued in its country of Origin reduced to the latest fashion accessory by crossing it with whatever breed you have to hand, then adding to the insult by thinking up a ridiculous name and selling these unregistered pups for rather a lot of money.  I find it sad for the breed.

There have been Spinone crosses in the past and possibly the Italians have crossed, but to improve the working ability not for a cash crop.

Crossing most breeds seems to be on the increase with unscrupulous breeders jumping on the ‘designer’ bandwagon.

The Spinone, like other purebreds has unique traits, you know what to expect when you arrive home with your puppy.

We all know the characteristics our beloved Spinone possesses, but what of the cross?  Will he take the good or bad points of the two breeds used to create him, we just don’t know. 

The cross could still suffer from genetic diseases. The fact is the cross will usually be with another large breed and most of these could potentially suffer with Hip Dysplasia, OCD etc.  Crosses do suffer genetic diseases, that is fact.

There are no health tests for breeding crossbreeds.

The ISCGB has a duty to the pedigree Spinone and surely, however harsh it may sound, they must come first.

So where does the  Spinone cross fit in? Who picks up the pieces if the dog has to be rehomed?  I guess the RSPCA or other organisations, who are at the moment inundated with dogs.

With pedigree Spinone rehomes on the increase we have to be careful our breed does not start on a slippery slope.

If you want a Spinone buy one. If you want a cross,  please visit a dog’s home where thousands of wonderful crossbreeds are waiting for loving homes for a nominal fee.

Tracy Davies.