We are seeing more and more Spinone advertised on internet for sale/second hand sites.  Sometimes these are puppies but we are now seeing older dogs on these sites as well.

If you are interested in getting an older dog we urge you to do your research. These dogs are not being sold without a reason.

Ask yourself and the owner why the dog is being rehomed/sold on? Is it because:

1) they have behavioral problems - this is very common when inexperienced people take on a breed they know little about.

2) they have a health problem – this might not be apparent when first looking at the dog, always ask for vets details and get your vet to do a history check on the dog before you commit.  Someone may be trying to offload a dog that has a health issue.

3) they have been bought to breed from and then find restrictions are in place (see Endorsements by clicking the READ MORE button).

Things to consider carefully before buying an older dog from an advert.

4) Cost – this is a biggy. Dogs do not become more expensive the older they get. You should not be paying more than a few hundred pounds and this becomes less the older the dog.

5) Insurance – most insurance companies will not transfer policies and if there are any ongoing problems these will not be insurable when you come to insure your pet.  Some insurance companies will also ask for a complete medical history from an early age before paying a claim so make sure you will be able to provide this if necessary.

6) Try to make contact with the original breeder of the dog - most breeders will have a clause in the original sale contract that a dog should be returned to them in the event that the owner cannot keep them any longer.  Ask why the owner is not doing this.

7) Check the paperwork, make sure the registration papers are in the advertiser's name otherwise you will not be able to transfer the dog into your name.

 8) Make sure all relevant health tests were done on the parents.  (see Spinone Health Checks by clicking the READ MORE button).  You can check these out on our website or on the Kennel Club's.