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19/01/2019 Manchester Mrs S M Marshall
07/03/2019 Crufts Julia Iles-Hebbert
30/03/2019 ISCGB Carole Coode
26/04/2019 WELKS Mrs Maxine Munday
12/05/2019 Birmingham National Colin Mackay
17/05/2019 Scottish Kennel Club Ms Irene Glen
24/05/2019 Bath Robyn Griffin
02/06/2019 Southern Counties Mr F Cochetti
09/06/2019 Three Counties Mrs Lucy Nash
15/06/2019 Border Union Miss S R Pinkerton
22/06/2019 Blackpool Sarah Barnard
29/06/2019 Windsor Mrs L Rossiter
07/07/2019 East Of England Mr S A Hollings
28/07/2019 Leeds Mrs J Ward
03/08/2019 Paignton Mr M Howes
04/08/2019 ISCGB Open Mrs K Bovio
04/08/2019 National Gundog Mrs S Whittingham
11/08/2019 Bournemouth Mrs G M Stenton
18/08/2019 Welsh Kennel Club Mrs P D A Williams
25/08/2019 Scottish Kennel Club Mrs E P Hollings
01/09/2019 City of Birmingham Mrs P Blay
08/09/2019 Richmond Ms J Houltram
15/09/2019 Darlington Mr G Underwood
20/09/2019 Driffield Mrs G M Cove-Print
11/10/2019 South Wales Lady S E Williams
16/10/2019 GSOW Mr T Pearson
25/10/2019 Midland Counties Mrs J A Neil
09/11/2019 GBAS Mr J P Harper
14/12/2019 LKA Mrs K A James
January 2020 Manchester Mr K Groom
March 2020 Crufts Mrs K T Parris
March 2020 ISCGB Mrs C Bennett (subject to KC confirmation)
April 2020 WELKS Ms B Johnson
May 2020 Birmingham Mrs B A Abbishaw
May 2020 Scottish Kennel Club Mr M Armstrong
May 2020 Bath Mr G Haran
May 2020 Southern Counties Mr Colombo Manfroni (Italy)
June 2020 Three Counties Mrs P M Wilkinson
June 2020 Border Union Mrs D S Smillie-Gray
June 2020 Blackpool Mr M Bevan
July 2020 Windsor Mr M G Brind
July 2020 East Of England Mr M D Wellman
August 2020 Paignton Mr C Atkinson
August 2020 National Gundog Miss T L Davies
August 2020 Bournemouth Mr F Whyte
August 2020 Welsh Kennel Club Mrs C Guest
August 2020 Scottish Kennel Club Mrs D E Hardie
September 2020 City Of Birmingham Mrs J M Miller
September 2020 Darlington Mrs C Schofield
October 2020 South Wales KA Mrs J Richards
October 2020 Midland Counties Mr J Roberts
December 2020 LKA Miss N A Spencer
January 2021 Manchester Dr R W James
March 2021 Crufts Mr K A W Young
March 2021 ISCGB Mrs V J Woodward
May 2021 Birmingham Mrs Lucy Nash
May 2021 Bath Mr J P Harper
June 2021 Three Counties Mr C Bexon
June 2021 Blackpool Mrs G Gingell
August 2021 National Gundog Miss C M Fry
October 2021 South Wales KA Mrs J Maxwell