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2020 Shows



  Birmingham National 23/09/2021  Nicola Spencer (Bannonbrig)
  Cornwall Gundog 19/09/2021  Chris Woolner
Exeter 18/09/2021 Sandra Full
Darlington 18/09/2021 Karen Bovio (Ilsolo)
Thame & Oxfordshire CCS 15/09/2021 Davis Smith (Oliwoodpoint)
Richmond 11/09/2021 Sally Griffin (Sanjika)
Westmorland 09/09/2021 Andy Swannel (Rickory)
  Scunthorpe  30/08/2021 Mandy Romeo-Dieste
Newton Abbot and South Devon 28/08/2021  Bruce Carter (Blondene) 
Driffield  27/08/2021 Max Munday (Kubear)
Blackpool  21/08/2021 Gina Gingell (Capricho)
Gillingham and Shaftesbury 19/08/2021 Lee Sharp (Affilato)
Bournemouth & DCA 14/08/2021 Pam Blay
Paignton 06/08/2021 Janet Neil (Kevardhu)
National Gundog 01/08/2021 Carolyn Fry (Bedeslea)
Bath 31/07/2021  Peter Harper
Otley 27/07/2021 Adam Rose (Kavacanne)
Wiveliscombe 25/07/2021 Sharon Littlechild
ISCGB Championship  25/07/2021 Val Woodward (Connomar)
Leeds  24/07/2021 Anne Hardy (Amhard)
East of England 10/07/2021 Duncan Blacklock (Mutini)
East of England Open (AVNSC) 07/07/2021 Doug Telford (Courtmaster)
NISA 03/07/2021 Cathy Gill (Jacogil)
Devon County Show 02/07/2021 Liz Flint (Casilex)
Southern Counties 26/06/2021 Rita Allum (Macarica)
Cheshire County Show 21/06/2021 Sue Knowles (Bessalone)
Cornwall Gundog Club 19/06/2021 David Pike (Redclyst/Glenury)
North Riding Gundog Club 29/05/2021 Richard Bott (Quensha)
North Of England HPR Club 29/05/2021 Lindsay Belcher (Sosteli)