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Latest Critiques Published - South Wales, Yorkshire Gundog, Wiveliscombe 


2019 Shows



ISCGB Annual Awards 31/12/2019 -
Wirral Kennel Association 29/12/2019 Charlotte Bruce
ISCGB Annual Awards 31/12/2019 -
Ashbourne  28/12/2019 John Millward  
Totnes & DCS  22/12/2019 Mr C Woolner
LKA 14/12/2019 Karen James
Coventry 01/12/2019 Debbie Wagh
Maghull 01/12/2019 Hilary Male 
Burton on Trent (AVNSC) 01/12/2019 Eunice King
Morecambe and Heysham 01/12/2019  Lesley Nesbitt
Southport 30/11/2019  
Exonian 30/11/2019 Richard Bott
Sedgley & Gornal  24/11/2019

Liz Cartledge

Hyde AVNSC 17/11/2019 Fred Ellingford
Dundee Limit 17/11/2019 Chloe Green
HPRGA 17/11/2019 Leanne Challands 
Merseyside Gundog 10/11/2019 Sally Knowles
PlymouthNov 09/11/2019 Mrs W Pickup
Gundog Breeds of Scotland 09/11/2019 Peter Harper
Coventry (AVNSC) 03/11/2019 Ian Sparham
St Austell & DCS 03/11/2019 Mr B Limpus
East Kent 03/11/2019 Mark Sandy
Torquay & DCS 02/11/2019 Mrs L Swigciski
Liverpool KA 02/11/2019 Debbie Lovatt
Yorkshire Gundog 27/10/2019 Clare Fordham
Midland Counties 25/10/2019 Janet Neil
Northwich  20/10/2019 Amanda James
South Western Gundog 19/10/2019 Diane Stewart-Ritchie
Birmingham Gundog and Terrier  19/10/2019 Janice Bannister 
Gundog Society of Wales 16/10/2019 Terry Pearson
Tay Valley Gundog 13/10/2019  Mr P Watson
Liskeard  13/10/2019 Michael Masters 
Rugby (AVNSC) 12/10/2019 Dee Bott
HPR Club of Scotland 12/10/2019 Mrs C Rayner
South Wales 11/10/2019 Shona Williams 

Chester City CCS

06/10/2019 Helen Sutton
East Anglian Gundog 06/10/2019 Sherril Goodwin
Windsor Gundog 02/10/2019 James Kelly
Angus and Kincardine 29/10/2019 Lesley Nesbitt
Stoke on Trent Gundog 29/09/2019 Harry Neslon
Pwlllheli (AVNSC)  28/09/2019

Eric Parr

Belfast 28/09/2019 Mr F Borg
Nidderdale 23/09/2019 Ben Thrum
Okehampton 22/09/2019 Roger Perkins
Cornwall Gundog 21/09/2019 John Millward
Poole Limited Show 22/09/2019 Rita Allum
Driffeld 20/09/2019 Geraldine Cove-Print
Thame and Oxfordshire 18/09/2019 Karen Goode
N/A TransCacib 15/09/2019 Marian Dragonescu
N/A CAC4 Show 15/09/2019 Liz-beth C Liljeqvist
N/A CAC3 Show 15/09/2019 Szabo Sandor
Darlington 15/09/2019 Graham Underwood
Isle Of Wight Gundog 14/09/2019 Steve Richardson 
N/A Cacib Dracula 14/09/2019 Daniela Rado
N/A Dracula 14/09/2019 Tatjana Urek
N/A Transylvania 14/09/2019 Monique Van Brempt 
Westmoreland 12/09/2019 Pauline Smith
Woslingham and Wear 08/09/2019 Roger Mann
Richmond 08/09/2019 Jean Houltram
North Devon Canine 07/09/2019 Ann Harding
City of Birmingham  01/09/2019 Pam Blay
Merioneth  28/08/2019 Mrs L Morris
Flint  28/08/2019 Ginette Oulton
Leicester City  26/08/2019 Bruno Fauvrelle
Horley (AVNSC) 26/08/2019 Claire Sharp
SKC 25/08/2019 Patsy Hollings
Cocker Club of Ireland  25/08/2019 Mr R Dempsey
West Bromwich 24/08/2019 Rachel Barney
Tralee 24/08/2019 Mr R Dempsey
Limerick  22/07/2019 Mr D Di Mateo
Killarney 20/08/2019 Mr L Moran
Clonmel  18/08/2019 Mrs H Cox 
Mid Somerset (AVNSC) 18/08/2019 Sue Ross
Welsh Kennel Club 18/08/2019 Penny Williams 
Gillingham 14/08/2019  Sally Dams
Bournemouth 11/08/2019 Gael Stenton
Tayside, Lochee & DCC 10/08/2019 Jenny Love
Harrogate 10/08/2019 Peter McCullough
Cartmel 07/08/2019 Keeley Newman-Jones
North Devon Agricultural  07/08/2019 Lynda Adams
Turriff 04/08/2019 Maureen Taylor
ISCGB Open Specials  04/08/2019 Joy Corbett
ISCGB Open 04/08/2019 Karen Bovio
National Gundog 04/08/2019 Suzanne Whittingham
Gudbrandsdal Fuglehundklubb Norway 04/08/2019 Irene Krogstad
Paignton 03/08/2019 Mick Howes
Dorset Canine Society 28/07/2019 Angela Carrington
Leeds Championship Show 28/07/2019 Jacqui Ward (Mianja)
Wiveliscombe  27/07/2019 Julie Williams (Trebettyn)
Langstone & DCS 21/07/2019 Richard Morris (Lascoed)
York 21/07/2019 Jean Collins-Pitman
Bakewell Show 21/07/2019 Mark Sandy (Milisimo)
Kingston CS 21/07/2019 Mark James (Waterley)
Østerdal Fuglehundklubb Norway 20/07/2019 Mr Niels Brandstrup
Plymouth & DCS 20/07/2019 Mr D Pike
Alfreton & DCS 20/07/2019 David Smith
Frecheville 18/07/2019 Bridget Bodle
Stithians CS 15/07/2019 Mr G Condron
Durham County 14/07/2019 Michelle Partridge
NISA Limit 14/07/2019 Philip Wright
Gundog Society of Wales 14/07/2019 Emma Towns
Hampshire Gundog 14/07/2019 Lauren Blunden 
Dukeries Gundog Club 09/07/2019 Jean Byrne
East of England 07/07/2019 Stephen Hollings
Norsk Kennel Klub Int Ch Trondheim Norway 29/06/2019 Patsy Hollings
Windsor 29/06/2019 Aidine Howes
Derbyshire County 23/06/2019 Jane Eyeington 
Blackpool 22/06/2019 Sara Barnard
Cheshire County Show 18/06/2019 Jean Byrne
Røros Jff Norway 16/06/2019 Mr Frank Christiansen
Ruthin CS 15/06/2019 Carol Moore
Taunton & DCA 15/06/2019 Joy Norris
Border Union 15/06/2019 Sharon Pinkerton
Three Counties 09/06/2019 Lucy Nash
Royal Cornwall Show  08/06/2019 Mrs C Bowles Robinson
Ashfield  08/06/2019 Helen Glading
Dundee  02/06/2019  
Southern Counties 02/06/2019 Francesco Cochetti 
Reading 29/05/2019 Andrea Wright
Staffordshire and Birmingham 29/05/2019 Roger Perkins
North of England HPR 26/05/2019 Barbara Halbert
North Riding Gundog 26/05/2019  Dawn Elrington 
Shropshire Gundog  26/05/2019 Shirley Stables
South of England Gundog 26/05/2019 Leanne Challands
Bath 24/05/2019 Robyn Griffin
Pollard CS 19/05/2019 Sam Whiting
Gravesend and Medway CS 19/05/2019 Laurie Hunt
Redditch & DCS (AVNSC) 18/05/2019 Nigel Egginton 
Wickford, Basildon and DCS (AVNSC)  18/05/2019 Claire Lewis
Devon County Show  17/05/2019 Wendie Goodwin
Scottish Kennel Club 17/05/2019 Irene Glen
Birmingham National 12/05/2019 Colin Mackay
Perthshire 11/05/2019 Bill Patterson
Tunbridge Wells & DCS 11/05/2019 Annette Mapin
Border Counties Gundog Club 06/05/2019 Shelagh Tolladay
Marlborough and DCS 06/05/2019  Mike Lewin
Westmorland (AVNSC) 05/05/2019 Jane Maxwell
Anglesey CS 04/05/2019  Joanne Blackburn Bennett
Falkirk 28/04/2019 Bev Dunnett
Tay Valley Gundog 27/04/2019 Leanne Challands
Birmingham Gundog and Terrier 27/04/2019 Martyn Rees
WELKS 26/04/2019  Maxine Munday
Eastwood KA 23/04/2019 Debbie Wallwork
Cornwall Gundog Club 22/04/2019 Chris Mills
Rochdale  20/04/2019 Collette Perkins
Sunderland CA 21/04/2019 Maxine McCullough
South Western Gundog 20/04/2019 Marion McAngus
Chertsey 19/04/2019 Lindsey Saich
Edwinstowe  19/04/2019 Lindsey Belcher 
Crystal Palace (AVNSC) 13/04/2019 Mike Lewin
Chippenham 07/04/2019 Peter Sheppard
Mansfield  07/04/2019 Bill Molton
East Anglia Gundog 07/04/2019 Jinty Gill-Davis
St Agnes CA 06/04/2019 Miss J Greenen
Windsor Gundog 03/04/2019 Jane Howarth
Gundog Club of North Wales 31/03/2019 Russell Mosedale 
ISCGB Specials 30/03/2019 Leanne Challands
ISCGB Championship 30/03/2019 Carole Coode
GBAS Open 23/03/2019 Tom Graham 
Exeter 23/03/2019 Stephen Clayforth
Hampshire 17/03/2019 Sam Whiting
Retford 17/03/2019 Deborah Wagh
Bootle, Crosby and Liverpool CS 16/03/2019  Kris Littlemoor
Crufts 07/03/2019 Julia Iles-Hebbert
Folkestone   03/03/2019 Sue Parr
Coventry Gundog 03/03/2019 Yvonne Bullivant
Ashton In Makerfield 02/03/2019 James Newton
Wath, West Melton & DCS 02/03/2019 Michelle Partridge
Torquay & DCS 02/03/2019 Helen Lenzi
Guildford & DCS (AVNSC) 02/03/2019 Christine Schofield
Billingham Synthonia CC 24/02/2019 Barbara Thorne
Yorkshire Gundog 24/02/2019 Kerry Holt
Newark and DCS 23/02/2019 Eddie Webster
Okehampton 23/02/2019 Gareth Lawler
Welsh Northern Counties (AVNSC) 17/02/2019 Anna Spenser
Mid Western Gundog 17/02/2019 Richard Stafford 
Matlock and DCS 17/02/2019 Dawn Hall
Barrow and District KA 17/02/2019 Jane Howarth
Ilfracombe and District 16/02/2019 Gill Tully
Huddersfield  10/02/2019 Michelle Kaye-Ackroyd
Lancaster  10/02/2019 Amanda Geary  


Sheila Appleby
Merseyside Gundog 03/02/2018 Lesley Trow
East Kent 03/02/2019 Clare Fordham
Isle of Ely CS 02/02/2019 Susan Telford 
Hamilton (AVNSC) 27/01/2019 Julie Squire 
Stoke on Trent 27/01/2019 Chris Gosling 
Coalville 27/01/2019 Rita Allum
  N/A Newton Abott and South Devon 25/01/2019 Bill Molton
Kirkintilloch Lenzie (AVNSC) 26/01/2019 Kenn Roberts
Lichfield  26/01/2019  Ray MacDonald
Manchester 19/01/2018 Sandra Marshall
Goyt Valley Gundog 13/01/2019 Harry Nelson
Worcester and Malvern (AVNSC) 12/01/2019 Jane Eyeington
Taunton 06/01/2019 Linda King
Dukeries Gundog


Paul Carpenter 
Boston & DCS 04/01/2019 Jeff Horswell
Coventry 01/01/2019 Sue Harris