Championship and Open Show Results for 1985

Results are still needed for the following show: Border Union (June)

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1985 Shows



LKA 14/12/1985 Mr I B Hampton
National Gundog (AVNSC) 24/11/1985 Mr R Keenan
GBAS 09/11/1985 Mr B Wade
Midland Counties (AVNSC) 26/10/1985 Mrs E J Rawson
Driffield (AVNSC) 10/10/1985 Dogs: Mr F Edwards
Bitches: Mrs P H Heerkens-Verschuuren
Gundog Society of Wales 22/09/1985 Dr W A Robson
Darlington (AVNSC) 14/09/1985 Mr M Quinney
Richmond (AVNSC) 06/09/1985 Mr A Brace
City of Birmingham 01/09/1985 Mr G H Snape
Leicester City (AVNSC) 27/08/1985 Prince Ahmed Husain
Scottish Kennel Club Aug 1985 -
Welsh Kennel Club (Rare Breeds) Aug 1985 Mr J L Houghton
Bournemouth 10/08/1985 Peggy Grayson
National Gundog Association Aug 1985 Mr D M Layton
Leeds 20/07/1985 Geoffrey Farrand
East Of England (AVNSC) 17/07/1985 Mr P Freeman
Paignton (AVNSC) 11/07/1985 Mr R Searle
Windsor (AVNSC) 05/07/1985 Mr R W B Pinches
South Wales (AVNSC) 29/06/1985 A McCullam
Blackpool (AVNSC) 22/06/1985 Mrs C G Sutton
Border Union (AVNSC) 15/06/1985 Mr D J K Roche
Three Counties 12/06/1985 Mr D L Page
Southern Counties 01/06/1985 Mrs O Bullock
Bath 27/05/1985 Mrs H Parkinson
Scottish Kennel Club 17/05/1985 Mr J J McKenna
Birmingham National 04/051985 Valerie Foss
WELKS (AVNSC) 28/04/1985 Mr G R Down
Crufts (AVNSC) Mar 1985 Mr K S Wilberg
Manchester 23/03/1985 Mrs M Curgenven