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Championship and Open Show Results for 1990

Results are still needed for the following shows: Southern Counties (June), Border Union (June), Paignton (July), Windsor (July), SWKA (July), Richmond (Sept)

If you have any results from these shows please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1990 Shows



Coventry & District Gundog Club 16/12/1990 Peter Howard (Tickncote)
National Gundog Association 02/12/1990 Linda Collins (Wynsett)
North Middlesex CA 17/11/1990 Ruth Levers (Bowskill)
Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Nov 1990 George Lancaster
Midland Counties 27/10/1990 Mrs J Iles-Hebbert
Driffield Agricultural Society 12/10/1990 Gael Stenton (Gaesten)
Wembley & DCS Oct 1990 Mrs M Hathaway
Gundog Society of Wales 23/09/1990 Mrs Judith Blacklock
Darlington 16/09/1990 Mrs Rae Furness
Eastbourne & DCS 16/09/1990 D Muton
Richmond Sept 1990 -
City of Birmingham 02/09/1990 Mr P Green
Leicester 29/08/1990 Shirley Roberts (Roscali)
Scottish Kennel Club 24/08/1990 Mrs P Turton
Welsh Kennel Club 19/08/1990 Mrs Olga Hampton
Bournemouth 11/08/1990 Mrs Gina Gingell (Capricho)
National Gundog Association 04/08/1990 Mr Alec McCallum
ISCGB Open 29/07/1990 Sig Valentino Vignola (Del Benaco)
Leeds 21/07/1990 Mrs Doreen Armstead
East Of England 18/07/1990 Mrs M J Curgenven
SWKA July 1990 -
Windsor July 1990 -
Paignton June 1990 -
Blackpool 23/06/1990 Harry Jordan
Border Union June 1990 -
Three Counties 13/06/1990 Mr F R Bradbury
Southern Counties June 1990 -
Bath 26/05/1990 Dr Ben Raven
Scottish Kennel Club 20/05/1990 Mike Herwin
Birmingham National 05/05/1990 Mr Ian Hampton
WELKS 26/04/1990 Mrs E Gardener
Crufts 09/02/1990 Mr Geoff Farrand
Harrogate & DCS 1990 Jeff Roberts (Mirkwood)
Dukeries Notts Gundog 1990 Rod Allison (Mantegna)
Manchester 1990 -
Royal Cornwall 1990 Chris Jury