Specific Conditions

In this section you will find articles about specific health conditions.

Since March 2008, we have been able to test for Cerebellar Ataxia through the Animal Health Trust.  We are now reaching the time when tested dogs may appear further back in pedigrees so the Health Committee would like to remind all breeders and stud dog owners of the recommendations for testing. The Kennel Club have now agreed to recognise the linkage based test and results will be published in the quarterly Breed Record Supplements. Because the test is linkage based, the KC will not recognise a status of "cleared by parentage".  As a result, the ISCGB have successfully campaigned for the CA Test to be a Requirement for Assured Breeders and Club Members.

The CA Status of each individual dog is shown on their information page and these are updated quarterly (or you can send us a copy of your certificate for a quicker update). To learn how CA is inherited, view our CA Inheritance document.

Information about Bloat and Gastric Torsion, an owner's experience, download a survey form.

We are currently participating in a research programme being undertaken by the Animal Health Trust into Epilepsy in the Spinone. If you have a Spinone that suffers from seizures and would like to take part please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask for a DNA swab kit to be sent to you. We urgently need more DNA samples to move to the next phase of the research.  In this section you can read about the study.

Information about Hip Dysplasia, BVA Hip Scoring scheme, breed statistics, find a dog's hip score.

Information about Ostechondritis.