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Published with kind permission from the Kennel Club.
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General AppearanceSolid, squarely built, strong bone and well muscled. Kind and earnest expression.
CharacteristicsIntrepid and untiring, very hardy, adaptable to any terrain including water. All-purpose gundog.
TemperamentFaithful, intelligent, patient and affectionate.
Head and SkullHead long, skull flat, lean; sides gently sloping and very slightly rounded, equal in length from well developed occiput to stop as from gently sloping stop to tip of nose. Median furrow pronounced. Nose large, spongy in appearance, protruding over rather thin lips.
EyesLarge, fairly round and open, eyelids close fitting. Deep yellow in white, and white and orange; ochre in brown roans.
EarsSet on level with corner of eye, long, but not more than 5 cms (2 ins) below jaw line, pendulous, forward edge touching cheek. Triangular in shape, slightly rounded at tip, covered with thick short hair, longer and denser at edges.
MouthJaws powerful with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws. Lips rather thin.
NeckStrong, muscular, fairly short, merging into shoulder, slight, divided dewlap.
ForequartersShoulders strong, well muscled and well laid back. Points of shoulder set well apart. Forelegs straight, bone oval; strong, well defined tendons. Pasterns slightly sloping when viewed from side, elbows turning neither in nor out.
BodyLength equal to height at withers, chest broad, open, well let down. Brisket reaching at least to level of elbows. Front of sternum comes well forward below points of shoulders. Ribs open, well sprung. Topline, a very slight slope from raised withers to well muscled loins, slight rise from loin to broad and muscular croup, croup sloping.
HindquartersThighs long, broad, muscular and strong. Hocks well let down. Metatarsals vertical on extension of buttock line. Tendons clearly visible.
FeetFront compact, round. Hindfeet slightly oval. Toes arched, covered with short thick hair especially between toes. Nails strong, arched. Pads hard. Pigmented according to coat colours. Never black. Dewclaws on all four feet.
TailCustomarily docked. Docked: Thick at base. Set on as a continuation of croup line. Carried horizontally or down, customarily docked to half its length.
Undocked: Thick at base. Set on as a continuation of croup line. Carried horizontally or down.
Gait/MovementFree, relaxed and capable of fast trot.
CoatTough, thick, slightly wiry, close fitting, length 4-6 cms (1 -2 ins) on body, shorter on nasal bridge, ears and head, even shorter on front of legs and feet. Eyebrows consist of longer stiffer hair; even longer but softer hair covers cheeks and upper lips forming moustache and beard. Skin thick and leathery.
ColourWhite, white with orange markings; solid white peppered orange, white with brown markings, white speckled with brown (brown roan), with or without large brown markings. Pigment of skin, eyelids, nose, lips and pads fleshy red in white dogs, deeper in white/orange and brown roan dogs.
SizeHeight: dogs: 60-70 cms (23 -27 ins); bitches: 59-65 cms (23-25 ins). Weight: dogs: 34-39 kgs (75-86 lbs); bitches: 29-34 kgs (62-75 lbs).
FaultsAny departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.
NoteMale animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.
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